About Me

KatyETMBI’m Katy Payne. My life was pretty normal for a lot of years. Although I’m grateful for the solid upbringing and uneventful childhood, as a young adult I felt my story was pretty boring. Things started getting more interesting when at 20, I married a boy that grew up in the Amazon jungle. Ever since I fell for him, he’s been adding adventure to my life. He quickly moved me and our babies overseas. We gave up things like  family and friends, hot water, clean water, air conditioning, internet, and a washer and dryer to name a few . God stretched me, changed my focus and bonded our family in ways I’d never imagined. Now my life looks very different than those overseas days, but it’s still an adventure. I have stories to tell and I’ve decided to tell them as a testimony to God’s faithfulness and to bring him glory.  


My husband Nathan and I joined Wycliffe Bible Translators shortly after getting married in 2000. We have been missionaries, living on the financial support of churches and individuals, ever since. Talk about stretching our faith! We graduated from the same Texas high school the same year where we were both voted “Most Likely To Succeed”.  Success in the world’s eyes is much different than in God’s eyes. Much of the world would probably considered our lives and careers wasted, but we know this was the path God chose for us.


I am the mother of three who are amazing.  I’m in the thick of this mothering thing with school-aged kids who can’t drive themselves to any of their bazillion activities yet.  Most of my current story pieces come from these three people. They are pretty much my jam right now. Much of my current investment in the kingdom is found in these three faces. In addition to my personal blog, I am a contributing writer for the East Texas Moms Blog.


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