My Tiny Corner Chair

Four days before I was diagnosed with cancer, God told me in the night that he had given me everything I needed and more. This story is about one of the “and mores” that God gave me.

About three days before the diagnosis I started trying to clean up my bedroom. For a while there have been areas of my home that feel too disorderly and cluttered for me. I like order, but with a house full of people with their own priorities, that isn’t always possible.

I had almost given up and quit trying to be orderly myself. It was difficult for me to relax at home because things were too out of order.  I was frustrated with myself and everyone around me every time I tried to find a place to sit and truly feel at rest.

So I finally decided to tackle the bedroom and do some cleaning out of my own. As I created space and cleared areas, I could see the potential of the room and glimmers of hope for a peaceful space. I began picturing a sitting space in my bedroom. I needed a quiet place of my own to to sit and be still, pray, or work on the computer.

Because of the layout of the room, there were only a couple of spots where this could work. I brought in one of my dining chairs to the bedroom just to get a feel for what it would look like to have a chair in the corner of the room. The space was tight and it would be hard to find a really comfortable chair that was small enough for the little space.

Fast forward to three days later. It was the day after I’d been diagnosed. I was being carried through life for those difficult hours by my husband and a precious friend.

That day we desperately needed to focus on something else, so my friend and I decided to take our girls shopping. She picked me up and we didn’t get too far down the road until she started telling me about this chair we were about to pass on the side of the road. She said it would look good in my bedroom and we could stop and get it if I just said the word.

But I said no. We didn’t have space in the van, we’d have to turn around, and it’d be a hassle. The chair was kind of cute from a distance, but I didn’t want to change course. So we drove on (although she was very reluctant to do so).

About two hours later, I got a text from my husband. He sent a picture of the same chair on the side of the road and said “How about this for your spot in the bedroom? “

At that point as I laughed out loud, I said “YES, Get the chair.”

When we got home that night, he’d already moved it into the corner where it fit perfectly.  We call it my  tiny chair because it’s also low to the ground, clearly made for a short person like me. It is adorably cozy and comfortable. People enter my room and sometimes don’t even see that I’m there because it’s so tucked away.

I’ve sat in this cute chair every day of the last week to cry, read, think and pray. It’s my sacred space that God gave me for this hard season. A space that I didn’t have to have, but that is bringing me comfort and joy. God and I are having long talks here. I’m writing words (even now) here in this chair that help me and that I hope will ultimately help others.

God brought about circumstances and some feelings inside of me that motivated me to start cleaning out and making a more peaceful space for myself before I even knew I had cancer. I know that he was preparing me and even helping me prepare my home to be ready for the days to come.

Every time I walk in my room,  I see this chair in the corner.  I think of God’s deep love for me. I think of his promise that he spoke so clearly to me to provide all I need and more. I think of the treasured people he’s put by my side on this journey.  They know what I need but they also understand the “and mores” and are watching for them on the side of the road.


God gives good gifts to his children. In the midst of hurt and struggle and every emotion under the sun, he leads me beside still waters and restores my soul. These days, it’s usually while I’m in my tiny corner chair.




11 thoughts on “My Tiny Corner Chair”

  1. “God gives good gifts to his children. In the midst of hurt and struggle and every emotion under the sun, he leads me beside still waters and restores my soul.” I LOVE THIS! Katy, I appreciate the theological perspective you are bringing to this season of loss. During such difficult times, we must remember that it is the enemy who takes, but it is God who gives. He is a good good Father. Prayers that you and Nathan and the kids might feel the suffering love of God with you during this season.


  2. Katy Payne, you have a gift! Many gifts. But mostly I appreciate how you can share your story with dignity and grace, weaving it into the bigger Story. It inspires me in my present challenge


    1. Thank you for sharing that encouragement Debbie and confirming what God has asked me to do. Sometimes it can feel crazy, but I am trusting his plan for my story.😊


  3. Praying for you as you go through this season in your life! Isn’t it neat how God prepared a place for you even before your diagnoses? Amazing! I truly enjoyed reading your blog & can’t wait for more to come!! God bless!!! 💖🙏🏻 Allison, Survivor, I’ve always been told that we are all survivors once you have been diagnosed and then you make it one day with cancer you have Survived!! So from one survivor to another God Bless! You’ve got this! 👍🏻


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