Christmas Decorating Brilliance

In recent years, my teenagers seem to be less interested in Christmas decorating. “Putting out the decorations” usually means that they help for five minutes and then sit around drinking cocoa and eating cookies while I do the rest. It’s not my favorite thing for that reason. But this year we did something so smart!

A friend and I decided to join forces this year to combat the disinterested teenagers and the overwhelmingness that decorating can be for moms. We made it new and fresh again.

So we planned a Christmas decorating extravaganza weekend. We sent an invitation to our kids. We decorated at my house Saturday afternoon and her house Sunday afternoon. We put our two party planner Pinterest daughters in charge of snacks. They went shopping together and bought all the stuff and then the kids made the snacks together for both days.

So just as we got into my boxes on Saturday, I started to panic. That is when my friend jumped in to action and got it done. Here’s my favorite part of the day: my technically minded and traditional son collaborating with her creativity and eye.  They got my railing done while I was wandering around trying to figure out where to begin.

The kids had so much fun together. Decorating with friends was less boring. They helped each other decorate the little trees for their bedrooms and loved that too.

We also shared items we found. A couple of decorations from my house went to hers and visa versa. It was a fun weekend. The end result was two decorated houses and a lot of happy kids and two happy mamas.

Everything is more fun with friends. We found this was a way to maintain tradition but bring a freshness and excitement that we could all get behind. (And did I mention…this let the dads off the hook complete?)


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