Being Pulled Along

This summer on our wedding anniversary my parents gave us this cute card with two penguins. I displayed it in my bathroom. One day as I looked more closely at the penguins, I started to chuckle. I said, “Nathan, on this card, it looks like the tall penguin is pulling the shorter penguin along.” I found this really funny. I found it strangely representative of this season and this year of my life.

Back in the spring of this year, I had a little concussion. I’ve spent several months with my life looking very different. There has been pain, confusion, anxiety and a lot of changes for me personally in how I feel and what I do. At some point in the process, I realized that I was never going to be the same person again. Not really because I thought my whole brain wouldn’t or couldn’t return, but because I had been forced to let go of so much. I then realized that I didn’t want to pick it all back up again. I was going to add more rest into my life.  And there were some things that I knew I just wasn’t going to care about anymore.

It was, and still is,  a little bit scary trying to figure out where I’m going to land on things. I still have some residual effects lingering even now.

This has been a season of life where I’ve been that penguin that Nathan has had to just drag along. Marriage is a beautiful and equal partnership of journeying hand in hand. But some seasons require that one person takes the lead more heavily. One person may have to pull the other one along the path in the right direction. They may have to drag the other one. Shoot, they may have to pick them up and carry them part of the way!

But the beautiful thing is not being left behind. To have someone that makes sure you stay on the journey and won’t let you check out. To have someone that loves you enough to drag you if needed and not ask you how long that’ll be necessary. To have someone that you trust enough to just resign yourself to being pulled.

The adventure does continue. It doesn’t always look adventurous. Some years of life are more exciting than others. Some seasons you spend lots of time laying around watching Gilmore Girls and just getting pulled where you need to go. But what a gift to stay the course and stay on the journey together hand in hand.


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