Making Vacation Happen

There are nine weeks of summer before my 2 high-schoolers start daily school activities in August. Of those nine weeks, there was only 1 stretch of 6 days where none of the five of us had a trip, camp or activity. When I realized this back in May, I quickly snatched up those days for family vacation and started planning online. It was difficult for me to plan because of my concussion. It took me forever, lots of frustration and I even had to completely re-book the hotels for a day later when I realized a big conflict I had overlooked. But I knew those days were treasures and I was determined.

On Monday morning when we were all ready to go, my littlest hugged me and said “Thank you for making this happen.” Later that day, my middle said “Mom, thanks. For everything.” I was reminded that these days weren’t just sacred to me, but to them also.

This has been a fairly basic trip…no huge bells and whistles. We stayed most of the time at a hotel that I found very disappointing but we were all laughing about in the end. We’ve had lots of practice in compromise–balancing our wants with those of other family members. With five in a family, sometimes it can mean that only 20 percent of the activities are things you actually choose to do. It’s nice when people have “wants” that overlap, but it doesn’t always work like that. I’ve tried to make sure it’s not just the loudest opinion that gets to choose.  I won’t mention who it is that has the loudest opinion, but it is always the same person.

Bottom line is that we are together and together is fabulous.

There are no distractions from that. No one is asking us to come to a practice, help with a project, or do the laundry. I even made the kids leave summer assignments at home.

I haven’t shared the moment-by-moment on Facebook this week because I’ve worked harder at being in the moments this go round. Somehow, I have managed to relax.  I haven’t been able to be as organized as I am used to being, and I’m still learning to let go of more and more.

I am so glad that I captured these days all for us.  They were hard to find, hard to plan and hard to hold on to. But they were worth it.