Keep Your Eyes On Me


When my daughter Lydia was four years old, she sang a solo in our church for maybe the first time. She basically had no fear. She had the confidence, the love for music and the voice to go with it. I talked to her ahead of time about how she might feel when she was up on stage in front of everyone, and how it would feel a little different to her once everyone was watching. She said, “Mommy, even if I’m scared, I’m still gonna sing.” And she was right.

When Lydia sang, I was watching her and mouthed the words. I thought it would help her and keep her from getting off. I still to this day sometimes mouth the words when I’m watching her sing in public, which is ridiculous. She doesn’t need my help, but it’s instinct. I guess it’s like the thing where your mouth opens and closes when you’re feeding a baby with a spoon. (Y’all know that’s a thing, right? It’s crazy to me our reflexes.)

Anyway, on this particular Sunday of this sweet little solo that was about 12 little measures of music…..her microphone decided to screech. Loudly. So loudly that some people were holding their ears from it, making faces and had audible responses. However, Lydia was unfazed and kept singing right in time, calmly and beautifully. What was her secret?

She kept her eyes on me.


See, I didn’t react at all to the microphone incident. No matter how I felt about it on the inside, I did not let that show. I thought only of my treasured little child watching me, following my lead, going with my cues. She kept calm because she had her eyes on me. Peace amidst a chaotic moment. And everyone was amazed.

If she had looked around, she probably would have stopped singing. If she had seen the faces and responses of the people in the crowd, she might have thought that something was wrong or that there was reason to be alarmed. But because I wasn’t alarmed, she was calm.

How many times has my situation seemed impossible, scary or like too much chaos because I’ve had my eyes on someone other than my loving Father? Perspective is so very important. The situation doesn’t change, but the way you feel depends on who you’ve got your eyes on. God will never be in a panic. He will not have an emotional overreaction to a situation. When you keep your eyes on him, you choose the road of peace.


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