That time we made our kid buy bread from us…

A funny thing happened last weekend.

We were preparing to have some friends over for our infamous grilled cheese bar. As someone who is a pretty decent cook, I never imagined that it would be my grilled cheese that became requested and anticipated, but that’s the glamorous life I live. In preparation we bought several kinds of bread. They were sitting on the lazy Susan at my bar. Well, “Middle” found them there. She started spinning them around. She’s fidgety like that. I asked her to stop. She kind of couldn’t. I asked her again. And right after, the bread fell to the ground.

So then I was annoyed that the bread was a little squished.  Nathan had witnessed the whole thing and quickly asked me how much the two loaves that had fallen cost, and I said $4.25. So he told her that she owed us $4.25 because she squished the bread. They bantered back and forth. She claimed not to have the correct change, and he went straight up to her room to start looking for the money.

There’s this thing that sometimes happens in parenting. Sometimes we pick odd battles. Or we’ve just had a kid push our buttons one too many times with a certain habit, so we call them out maybe a little crazy-like and firmly take our stand. Nathan and I make it a point to always support and back each other up with the children (at least in their presence), but I have to admit that there are moments where I just want to laugh at the battle he chooses and I have to hide my face for a minute. I know he feels the same way about me sometimes. Parenting is one big entertaining show, right?

So all that to say that I was hiding behind a kitchen cabinet dying laughing. Meanwhile, Middle sat down at the table with her newly acquired two loaves of bread and got out the peanut butter to start eating. She went on for a bit to her brother about her new bread, and how she was planning to eat it. Or really do whatever she wanted with it, because it was hers now.

Hold up.  I didn’t wanna go all the way to the store to buy more bread!  This is what I call a “parenting back-fire”. Out-smarted by the kid. Man, as they get older it just keeps happening more and more. I called Nathan into the kitchen and whispered “She’s keeping the bread!” So he offered her $3 to buy the bread back. Because it wasn’t that squished to begin with, but he was just making a deal of it because she didn’t do what we had asked the first time. So he bought back her bread, and then she was only out $1.25.

We went on to have our fabulous grilled cheese bar the next day, and everyone lived happily ever after. This story is purely for entertainment value. Parenting is such a crapshoot. Also, if you have fidgety children, there is basically just no place in your life for a lazy Susan right now.


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