Season Confusion: Eating Chili and Candy Corn After a Day at the Water Park


Summer ended, and Fall is here, right?  But Summer lingers. And Fall didn’t fully arrive yet. It’s the in-between season, and it’s a weird place. The time of year in Texas where you sweat heavily at football games on Friday nights.

On Labor Day we went to a water park for our “last day of summer”, or something like that. Sure, school had already started, but we were holding onto the goodness of summer for as long as possible. Labor Day morning I woke up to the slightly crisp September air and sat on my back porch to enjoy it. But the sun soon came out in full force. With Summer back, it was a great day at the water park, complete with minor sunburns. While we played and splashed and relaxed, a crock pot simmered at home to prepare the first chili of the season for our dinner.  Because Fall.

We almost didn’t go to the water park. Two of us were feeling slightly under the weather, and Sam had other plans with friends. But we decided to go anyway without him, and I’m so glad we did. One of the things that happened at the water park and that happens more in the summer is that I get away and genuinely relax. I really need to relax, and I’m looking for ways to bring that part of my summer into other seasons. I held my littlest in the pool and snuggled her close. I needed those moments with her because she is a cuddler, and because I don’t often slow down and relax enough with her. As I held her, she groaned and then joked, “I don’t want to go to school tomorrow. Can’t we just stay here? Can we spend the night? ” That feeling is always looming over us in these moments we are pretending it’s still Summer and we are still carefree.


But the truth is that September is here in full force. We have three kiddos in school, two in marching band and two that are practicing 3-4 times a week for theatrical performances happening in the next month.  Add to that a husband who will be gone for 3 weeks of September and I find myself basically in the same mindset as the baby. Saying can’t we just stay here in these carefree moments? Cause I don’t wanna with all this responsibility and stuff. 

But for now we must try to wrap up summer and move on. Last night I unpacked my “swim bag” and put everything away for the season. This weekend I had my first pumpkin spice latte and I filled my Meme’s green candy dish with candy corn. Those are the things that are easy to embrace about Fall. But I’ve also done some of the harder stuff, like filled the wall calendar and phone calendar with all the times of all the practices and all the events and embraced the schedule that is Fall.  And call me crazy, but today as I did some shopping, I even starting picking up stocking stuffers. Because that’s what I do in the Fall.

So I now declare that it is FALL! Summer is done. Except…oh look! Hurricane Harbor is still opened until mid-September! Hmmm. Perhaps we will try to dip into the goodness of both seasons for a while longer.


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