The Rain Made Me Do It

It was the rain that caused me to write this.  I just started a new job. My husband is out of town. And it’s the last week of summer for my kids. But yet the rain calls me. It says

Slow down and listen.
Sit on the back porch and watch me fall.
Watch the grass turn green.


There’s hope and relief in the rain. Relief from the August heat. Hope that the fall is coming. That the green things won’t die, and that God is doing a new thing both outside in the world and inside of me.

Isaiah 45:8 “Open up, O heavens, and pour out your righteousness. Let the earth open wide so salvation and righteousness can sprout up together. I, the Lord, created them.”

Many times in my life repeated days of rain bring gloom and put a damper on my spirit.  But this time I wake up to find it still raining and feel relief and peace. I sit in my swing and listen to what the rain tells me. It says

Pour another cup of coffee.
Leave out the giant box and blanket tent fort for another day.
Curl up on the couch and write a story about the rain.

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