When God is Speaking, But It’s Past Bedtime

This is the story of God’s work in Abby. You can also read my posts about Lydia and Samuel.

2009-05-11 211
Abigail Kay in the summer of 2009

Abigail accepted Jesus in the June just after she had finished kindergarten. The previous week, Abby had attended VBS at our church. I know that God used that week to do some final preparations in her and soften her heart toward him. But God was gracious enough to allow the sweet moment to happen a few days later at bedtime with her daddy.

You see, for several weeks Nathan had been telling the kids Bible stories (chronologically) at bedtime. The kids would hear the story, tell it back to Nathan, and draw a picture in a notebook to depict the story. And that particular night, they had gotten to the story of Jesus’ crucifixion.  The questions flowed out of her, and the desire to know our Savior for herself was evident that night. God spoke to her heart over those days of VBS and orchestrated everything to make her ready that night.

I’m sad to admit that another part of this story is how I was feeling that night. We were out a little late watching Nathan play basketball and I was anxious for the kids to get to bed. I was a little frustrated that Nathan was taking the time to tell them a bedtime Bible story because it was so late. And of course, that is the time that God had chosen to speak to Abby. If it had been left up to me, that moment wouldn’t have happened that night. It stings to know that I can sometimes place such a high value on the schedule or the rules rather than seizing the moment. I’m grateful for God’s grace and for a husband that balances me out, listens to God’s voice and makes use of each opportunity.

I am also grateful for the clear evidence of how God used two things that are so important and central to our lives to draw Abby to himself. The first was our church. They are our family, and countless ones have poured into my children over the years to shape and guide them. The second is Bible stories. Spreading God’s stories around the world is our life’s work, and it is an extra beautiful blessing that we have a personal family story of how it led our sweet girl to Jesus. Nathan truly believes in what he does. He doesn’t just teach methods and ideas for others to use, but he lives and practices them in real life. It was only fitting that Nathan’s investment in sharing God’s word with our children resulted in Abby’s heart being changed.


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