I Like to Keep My Options Closed


My husband Nathan likes to keep his options open, while I guess you could say I like to keep mine closed. To say this is one of the things that makes life interesting at our house would be an understatement.

Nathan is always thinking about the different possibilities. He is  thoughtful and deliberately weighs all the options, factors, and circumstances. He’s aware that all of these things could change over time and believes that if he delays the decision, he might gain new information that will help him decide correctly.

I like to survey the situation in a timely manner, make a decision and move forward. For me, life is in complete limbo until a decision is made. I am basically unable to function and become unproductive in the waiting time.

Whereas Nathan thrives on the process of making the decision. His mind is entertained and relaxed as can be to just hang loose.  When I’m thinking that we need to decide or I’ll go crazy, he’s thinking that he will be miserable and trapped once the decision is made. We understand our differences and try hard to be patient with each other. But sometimes we both just want to scream.

So are you a “keep your options open” or “decide and move forward” kind of person?


2 thoughts on “I Like to Keep My Options Closed”

    1. My preference is to make decisions ASAP and move toward them, but then “keep my options open” for possible changes! Hah!


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