Not the Best At Anything


It is unlikely that most of us are the best in the world at anything.  This even includes our kids. I know, I know. Your kid is really good at gymnastics, softball or art. But it is statistically unlikely that they are the best in the world or the best in the state. And really…are they even the best in your own town?Yet we sometimes give our children false confidence in their abilities and skills by putting so much emphasis on developing them. But that’s a whole other blog post.

There are some things that I love that I see people doing much better than me. Writing, cooking, and musical endeavors to name a few. I can let doubts creep in and listen to my insecurities that say I should quit and “leave it to the experts” so to speak. Do you sometimes feel that too?

The saying goes that you’re the best at being you. That makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little because it’s so cliche, but I started really thinking about those words and what they could  mean for me.

Say you sing and play the guitar. You’re pretty good, but you’ve met many people with more skill and natural ability than you. Do you hang up your hat? No way. Because once a week, you have a special ministry at the nursing home singing and playing. The people there love you, and it brings you so much joy.

In addition to playing the guitar, you have an outgoing personality and can talk to anyone. You also have a nursing background and understand a lot of the medical issues facing the residents. And a few years ago, your father had an extended stay at a nursing home before he passed away, so you have a special place in your heart for those in nursing homes. You see, the most skilled guitarist in the world is less equipped to serve that nursing home than you are. You are the best at being you.

God gives us each a very unique and specific combination of abilities, quirks, characteristics and life experiences. There are lots of tasks to be done in this world, and there are tasks that only you can do. There are connections with people that only you can make.

So we must keep doing the things we love but know we’re not the best at. For one thing, in doing them, we’ll continue to get better. But the main thing is that God created you to love those things that you love. He is writing your unique story where you’ll fill a role in the world that no one else can fill.


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