Desires of Your Heart


What does it mean for God to give you the desires of your heart?

This has been on my mind a lot lately.  I’ve been praying, searching and studying the scriptures to remind myself of what God has to say. I wrote down scriptures that speak to me and used those to make my prayers more specific. If you haven’t tried this approach you should, because it can really give clarity and definition to your prayers.

I have personal dreams and desires in my heart at this stage that I want to see happen. Honestly, this is something I haven’t experienced in quite a while.  Earlier in life I pursued college scholarships, rushing to get my college degree in three years, marrying my man and starting a family. Once I did all that, I kind of stopped dreaming for myself for a while. Maybe you’ve been there too. Or maybe you had a better balance and kept pursuing the desires of your heart during that whole phase. I believe I didn’t necessarily neglect myself, but that I was just in a different season with different focuses than now.

And now I’m starting to find me again.  There’s a person in here that has unique opinions, convictions and concerns. She got a bit bogged down and buried in learning to be a wife, completing a project overseas, and surviving the first decade or so of child-raising. She still loves all that stuff, but she’s again becoming a whole person without all of that too. God still has me somewhat confused in this process and I have more questions than answers.  But I do know that I must incorporate into my life doing things that I love.

I’ve found the need to choose each yes very carefully, and not for the obvious reason of simply not having enough time for everything. I also need to leave time for doing what I love and look for opportunities to work and serve in ways that are actually in the areas I’m passionate about. And through this process, I firmly believe that the desires of my heart will be fulfilled, or that God will shape and change those desires into something different that he has for me.


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