When the Words Won’t Come

When I’m in a place that feels hard and confusing,  it helps me to write. So I sit down to do it, but the words won’t come.

My husband asks why I’m not smiling and why I am listening to my “sad music”.  I want to talk to him, but I don’t know what to say because I don’t understand either. I feel a big lump in my throat, and the words won’t come.

I have the dearest friends to talk to. But I find myself pulling away a little.  I struggle alone for a while, because the words won’t come.

So I take some time and look for the words. I search my soul. I pray. I read. I cry. I think. It always takes longer than I want it to.  But I keep searching for the words to express what’s happening until they are there. And in the meantime, I ask for grace and patience from those that mean the most to me when the words won’t come.


2 thoughts on “When the Words Won’t Come”

  1. Sometimes it’s beyond these moments that we appreciate them. A time to reflect and Be Still and search our souls. Your friends understand…maybe more than you know. This was a great share Katy.


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