How to Iron Less

I consider myself to be a fairly capable housewife. But we all have our weaknesses, and ironing is for sure one of mine. I stink at it and I loathe it.

My husband early on in our marriage picked up a shirt from his closet and said “Doesn’t this need to be ironed?” Then he saw my face. He said “Oh, you already ironed this? ” Obviously he couldn’t tell.

Ironing is certainly not my special gift.  So I’m constantly on the hunt for tips and ideas to cut back on the amount of ironing I have to do. Here are some suggestions I put together for you:

1.Avoid ironing so long that people outgrow the clothes.

Meaning there is no reason to iron them.

2. Shame family members who wear clothes that need to be ironed.

They’ll be less likely to make that mistake again.

3. Put the ironing pile back in the dryer.

While staring directly into the face of having to iron, the clothes will come out of the dryer looking pretty good.

4. Put the ironing pile back in the washer.

This won’t get rid of the wrinkles at all, but it will make the ironing pile go away for a little while.

5. Put the ironing pile in the trash can.

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.


Or if you are a newlywed starting out, you could try my all-time favorite ironing tip that my Meme shared with me several years ago:

6. Burn and completely ruin your husband’s shirt the first time you iron for him.

He will decide that you don’t know how to iron and take his clothes to the cleaners forever. Problem solved.


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