An Awkward Conversation I’d Rather Not Have

This is a post unlike any I have written or hope to write again. But I have been feeling God nudge me to tell you this for weeks. Okay, actually pushing me quite forcefully now. Part of what makes this conversation even more difficult is that we are very restricted with the wording we are able to use, which will make some of the below sound even more unnatural even though I am trying to be quite honest.

Many of you know that we are full-time missionaries with  Wycliffe. All of our income is from church and individuals that partner with us monthly or with one-time gifts.  They send in money to Wycliffe and then Wycliffe pays us. It is a challenge and true faith-builder not knowing from month-to-month what our income will be. We are currently have one church partner, our home church. We are incredibly blessed with family and friends that support us and even help out in extra ways for our family. God has always taken care of us.

What exactly is this work I speak of? Nathan is the International OneStory Services Coordinator for our organization. He coordinates 75 projects around the world that are getting God’s story into  languages that have never heard it. He’s also the direct coordinator for the Americas Area, supervising the training and consulting for 15 projects in the Americas. He travels internationally about 12 weeks out of the year. When he’s not traveling, he works from an at-home office where he can do everything through email, Skype meetings and shared databases and documents. Technology is amazing, right?

Over the last couple of years, we’ve lost several monthly contributors, mostly who’ve passed away. Our finances have steadily decreased and we’ve barely squeaked by at the end of the last couple of years. This is especially a problem as our kids get older and it costs more now for our family to live. We really need more monthly income, and when people are able to let us know that they can give even a small amount each month, it gives us an idea of what to expect. There are also one-time needs, like medical things and braces for two of our kids, that we’ve put on hold because we could not add anything extra. We recently received an extra gift that is a good start towards the braces and have decided to move forward with that.

I hate asking people for money for anything. But God has taught me some things over the last several years in this area:

  • Some of you that I consider dear friends may have no idea that this is how we live and that partnering with us is even an option if I haven’t told you.
  • People can’t give to a need that they are not aware of.
  • There is a blessing you can receive from being a part of what God is doing around the world. We are all called to play different roles in spreading the gospel. If you are called to give, then I can rob you of this blessing by not giving you the opportunity.
  • Nathan and I struggle and have lots of dialogue with God over how and when to communicate these things.  It is more about my obedience to him than it is about your response anyway.

Well, now that’s out. If you do want to respond to this in some way, here are some options.

Pray. This is what we need the most.

Pray for our family and our work. And there is nothing more encouraging than when you tell us you are praying.

Sign up for our newsletter here

We only send it once a quarter. It will update you on our work and give prayer requests.

Ask us questions.

We don’t want to overload you with information, but are so glad to answer specific questions about Bible translation and our role.

Share about us…

with friends or your church if they might be looking for an opportunity to connect with Bible translation.

Give a one-time gift

as God leads you.

Give monthly or quarterly

as a consistent partner with us in the work of spreading the gospel around the world.

You can give online here or by sending a check to this address. Attach a note that your preference is for the  Wycliffe ministry of Nathan & Katy Payne :

Wycliffe Bible Translators
P.O. Box 628200
Orlando, FL 32862



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