Just Squirming Around Out of my Comfort Zone

If this steps on your toes, well I’m right there with you. This idea has been stepping on my toes for months, and I’ve been uncomfortably jumping around and trying to figure out where to land my feet in a spot that’s safe for my little piggies. As much as I’ve tried to  orchestrate my own unique mission in life, I still come back to this very simple thought of making a difference. Don’t you? And for me that means that I want to spend my time trying to impact and further God’s Kingdom.

Lately God has been challenging me about my kingdom work and what it looks like.  I got a little too comfortable with some of the ways I was serving. They were almost too easy and I was running on auto-pilot. There’s a lot to be said for serving in your areas of strength and doing the things that you’ve gotten really good at, but that doesn’t stretch and challenge you like stepping out in ways that are new. In the uncomfortable places, where I clearly see how inadequate I am and how much God will have to make it happen, I learn and grow oh so much. This doesn’t mean I will give up the ways of serving that just come naturally to me. I believe there are some things I will always do because they bring me joy and reflect the way that God created me to be. I believe there’s nothing wrong with that. But I’m also looking for more opportunities that require me to be brave and place me in situations that aren’t so natural.  Because otherwise, I will stop growing and also have a super boring life.

Along similar lines, I’ve also realize that  some of my investments aren’t having the kind of impact that I would like. How do I serve in the kingdom of God?  There are a lot of people already in his kingdom that I love to spend time with. They are my people, my dearest friends and my closest associates. They are where I find my encouragement and my comfort. Their families are mine, so I take on their needs as mine. It’s a no-brainer, and it’s honestly not that hard. Is this the real sacrificial work of the kingdom? While it does sometimes require sacrifice, I’d argue that it’s not. It’s serving in my comfort zone. And although I am not serving the kingdom in the hopes of it being reciprocated to me, it often is. For another thing, these people already have Jesus. Sure, it’s great when they see him in me and it’s an encouragement, but it is not life-changing for them. I am not introducing someone to the face of my Savior who doesn’t already know him.

Are we as Christ’s church  just entertaining ourselves? Sometimes it feels like it’s way too much about us. Hopefully, we are building each other up and growing together, which does strengthen the kingdom. I realize it’s not all about adding to the numbers. But Jesus made it clear that spreading his message to those that haven’t heard it is pretty important. So why am I spending so much time with those who already know?

I want to increase my focus on adding to the kingdom of God. Doing so is requiring me to get out of my comfortable place and jump over into some uncharted waters that make me squirm a little.  So that’s kinda where I am in life right now. Just squirming around outside of my comfort zone. Trying to find a spot to get comfy enough to serve effectively but not so comfortable that he will ask me to move again too soon. God is asking for more of me than only what is comfortable and what comes naturally. Because if I fill my times of service with comfortable things,  then there is no time left for reaching outside of my zone. And outside of my zone seems to be where I find those who are really searching for the Savior, and where I grow as a person and in my relationship with Him.


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