The Father’s Love

The relationship between a daddy and daughter is something pretty special. This youngest girl of ours is so much like her daddy. Their minds work a lot alike. He listens to her and understands her in a way that I can’t. They sure have a lot of adventures together building, playing, and thinking.

These two have a very specific bedtime routine each evening. Our girl has struggled with fear a lot at night, so the bedtime routine is very important to her. After they talk and pray together, she asks her daddy which of her stuffed animals he loves. She has a bazillion stuffed animals, but the one that daddy loves the most that day will be assured a spot in her bed to cuddle with her that night. She also asks him, “What should I think about?” He tells her some really random and interesting idea to consider, to give her mind something to do and keep it off of scary things. What amazes me is the details that Nathan knows. He knows the crazy names of all these stuffed animals. He understands how her brain works, and what things she likes to think about. I’ve tried a couple of times to fill in for him when he’s gone. I’m really bad at it. I’m also tired and more impatient at bedtime, and I can’t make the kind of connections with her that he can. Our conversation goes something like:

“Mommy, who do you love?”

“Um, Pinky. Is that someone? ”

“No, that’s not one of my animals. What should I think about?”

“Ummm, blankets.” (Cause I saw a blanket.)

See, pretty bad. So because of this, when Nathan is gone, he leaves Lydia a list like this:


This list has a special spot beside Lydia’s bed, and it brings her so much comfort each night. And let me just clarify that some of the questions you have in your mind after seeing this list are questions that I can’t even answer. These two have their own special communication, and some of this is completely out of my realm. But this beautiful and unique aspect of their father/daughter relationship has so many parallels to our relationship with our heavenly father. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • He pays attention to little details simply because they are important to you, his child.
  • He gives you the very specific things you need to make you feel secure.
  • He knows the unique way that your mind works. He can speak things to you that only make sense to the two of you.
  • He loves you so much that no matter what other important tasks or work he has to do, your needs are a priority. 

May you be encouraged today and reminded that your heavenly father loves you and understands you like no one else can. Through that intimate knowledge of your person, he speaks to you and acts on your behalf. The Father’s love is the greatest gift.





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