Island Life: Celebrations and Sprinkles


I like for life to be one big celebration. At our house, we celebrate things big and small. I don’t mean in an extravagant or monetary kind of way. But finding a reason to celebrate is important to me. It all started over 10 years ago when we lived on an island…

When we lived in St. Vincent, the normal ways of celebrating special occasions weren’t an option for us. We couldn’t get together with our family or close friends, go out to our favorite restaurant, or make our favorite dessert or cake. And even when there were holiday celebrations going on around us, they were different and we didn’t necessarily feel like a part.

We were doing some very rewarding work of getting God’s story into a language that didn’t have it.  It was the task that we know God clearly gave us for that time, and we were exactly where we wanted to be. But that doesn’t mean it was always  fun or exciting.  Life was mundane. The household tasks alone were overwhelming, and we had no help. Between the work on the project, two kids, and the household, we almost had full-time work for four people.  Nathan and I worked a lot, but we tried to dedicate some time to family fun. But it was hard to even think of “fun” things we wanted to do.

So we improvised and made our own celebrations a lot.  We had family water games in our back yard one day. We used lots of sprinkles in the kitchen. We started the weekly tradition of French Toast Friday, because this was one of the few foods from home we could get all the ingredients to make.  We found things to be excited about, because it didn’t feel like there was a lot to look forward to.

So here are some really simple things that  learned from our island life about celebrations and sprinkles:

  1. Celebrate more. Holidays, accomplishments, each other. Find a reason to celebrate.
  2. Use more sprinkles. Green sprinkles in milk on St. Patrick’s Day. Blue sprinkles on brownies to show school spirit.  Sprinkles on yogurt, hot cocoa, and pudding. Just because. Life needs more sprinkles.
  3. Throw more parties. A dance party in the living room. A movie party with popcorn and m&m’s. A picnic lunch by the pond. Your family is a party waiting to happen.

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