My Top 10 Highlights of (the last 2 weeks of) 2015

I wanted to write something really eloquent and reflective about 2015. But nothing came to me and I finally gave up on that idea. So if you were hoping for that, feel free to quit reading now.  Seriously, I can’t remember if something was two years ago or which kid it was that even did that thing.  About the last 2 weeks is all the accurate details I can recover, so I’ll give you my highlights of the Christmas break:

  1. Watching “Fixer Upper” on Netflix with the fam. We rarely find anything we all want to watch or the actual time to watch anyway. I loved logging a few hours together on this.
  2. Lydia cleaning her room. Like a boss. Out of nowhere. (See Christmas Parenting Win)
  3. Abby helping Nathan and me keep a tally to see who makes fun of the other one the most.  Sarcasm is my love language. I can’t help it.
  4. Girl talks. I’ve got one that turns 13 next month. I’m grateful for the increased time together that led to a couple of girl talks that really needed to happen.
  5. Sam making a movie.  He loves to make Lego stop-motion videos. I love that he has been using Bible stories, and I loved listening to him consult his dad on some of the narration.
  6. Abby cooking. She has generally been less interested in cooking than her siblings, but she’s kind of gotten in to baking recently. One day, she even invited us all to a special breakfast.
  7. Lydia’s Christmas scavenger hunt. The only thing she really asked for this Christmas was a scavenger hunt. As she was running around the yard and house, we heard her yell “I don’t see a pony in here!” I wondered if there would be crying at the end of the hunt, but she seemed to take the “no pony” thing pretty well.
  8. Sam eating a whole can of cashews in one day. He was very thirsty that day. Then he said, “Mom, I’ve been eating these and I just can’t stop!” 2240 calories and 182 fat grams later. Now I am putting them into serving-size containers and hiding the can.
  9. Science fair project complete! I am so glad that this third child has her own ideas, works independently, and gets it done. This project was OPTIONAL, so I am also proud of myself for not saying no or bribing her with $200 to not participate. Not that I considered that.
  10. Really enjoying time with my kids, who are now big enough that being with them doesn’t involve so much “work” for me. It can finally be relaxing. Sometimes.



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