Calling a December Audible

December is a wild ride. And to make things worse, I scheduled a doctor check up for both of my girls one day last week. (See 5 Ways to Wreck December.) The day before these checkups, we figured out that Samuel’s band was coming to play for Abby’s school during that time.  Abby was so upset about missing this concert. Then she told me she would also miss a math test, and I realized we would have to find a time for her to make it up. This was also going to make four days in a row of driving to Tyler for me.

And I thought, this is crazy. Why am  doing this to us?  As much as I don’t like to change plans, and as much as I don’t generally back out of obligations, I called an audible. I told them plans had changed and everyone was going to school. I had to go back home and get Lydia and take her to school late. And just like that, everyone seemed to relax and breathe a sigh of relief. I called and rescheduled that appointment, and now my girls can’t go until February. Seemingly, this sounds like not a good idea.  But it was such the right decision for that day.

With my morning freed up, I realized that after the concert at Abby’s school, Sam would be going to the kindergarten campus to play a concert. I decided that I would go watch and then be able to give him a ride back to his campus. That turned out to be the sweetest moment of my week. Those kids had been practicing Christmas songs so that they could do a sing-a-long while the band played. A couple of hundred precious little 5-year-old voices singing and doing hand motions while my son and his band played had me fighting back tears. Maybe because I needed to slow down so badly. Maybe because I kept thinking about how I almost pushed myself, and pushed all of us to stay the course that day. Some days, that’s the answer. But other days, it just isn’t.

The Christmas lights gave him a blue goatee.

You see, a few days before in my small group, we had written notes to each other with prayers and wishes for the week. My week had been a little rough, and I’d read those sweet notes a whole bunch of times because I needed the encouragement. One of them talked about finding joy, and enjoying little moments amidst the busyness. This was the perfect picture of that joy. Stopping the previously scheduled programming to have that moment in time was what my heart needed in a week of life and kids throwing me curve balls, where I was doubting my parenting and general adulting.  God said, “See, you almost missed this.” Sometimes,  just give yourself permission to not do it all. It’s okay to call an audible. Stop the craziness, slow things down, and watch the beautiful moments that happen in the new space you’ve created.


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