Decorating Chubby

Most of you know that our Christmas tree, affectionately know as Chubby, arrived in our home last Friday night. (Read A Christmas Tree Story if you need to be caught up.) Chubby was naked for a long time, because we like to decorate the tree all together and we couldn’t find a time to do that. After almost a week went by, I was getting pretty tired of looking at him. So yesterday, I came up with another plan. I had an event last evening, but I knew I would only be gone about an hour and then there would still be some evening left. So I thought that with some careful planning, we could create a space of time to decorate Chubby. First off, I texted out the following invitation to Nathan and the kids.


If you don’t know, it feels fancy and special to get an invitation. So it is possible that I overuse them. But sending my family the above invite was my way of helping them to plan and carve out the time as well. Plus, it made the kids look forward to the evening. I started making plans and preparations for our party.


I took this picture to show you what I prepared, and mostly because this is possibly the only time that anything has ever looks this picturesque at my house. All of your stuff always looks like this, but mine does not. So let me have my moment.

We turned on Christmas music and had hot cocoa. Nathan and Sam got the lights strung and then we all hung ornaments. Which sounds lovely, but the truth is that Nathan didn’t hang ornaments now that I recall. He was actually in the room but on his computer finishing some edits that had to be sent back to France quickly. He made it sound real urgent probably just because he would rather do anything than decorate. He got points just for being in the room and not making disparaging remarks.IMG_1549

Lydia hung the star. And then it fell over because it was too heavy. Whatever. My favorite part of the night was right before the kids went to bed. Lydia came and hugged me and said “That was FUN!” Which means my mission was accomplished. Chubby is decorated, glowing in the living room in all of his glory with the fallen-over star on top.  And my family enjoyed a fun evening together.

FullSizeRender (13)


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